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Does the idea of running your own business with little or no running costs appeal to you.

No targets to meet, no pressure in sales. Just do it at your own pace.

Of course the more you sell the more you will make, and the best part is that it's all cash in your hand.

No waiting on commission cheques etc.

Our products are all hand made with strong lasting aromas, if you love them then your off to a good start by promoting them to your family and friends to start with

and grow from there.

Our commission starts at 30%, for example for every tub of wax you sell to your customers you make £1.05 in your hand.

Now imagine if you sold 2 or 3 hundred tubs in a month, would that help with your bills or save for a nice well deserved holiday.

Contact us if you want to become a Rep, plus sign up for an account today!

Your account will be changed to a Reps account once we confirm your details.

Thank you and Good Luck!